Console torrent client (rtorrent)

I really like my rtorrent it is really easy to use it.

Install rtorrent on Mac os x (you need installed ports to use this feature)

[21:05]vhristev@g1r5:~$port search rtorrent
rtorrent @0.8.4 (net)
    console-based BitTorrent client
rtorrent-devel @0.8.5 (net)
    console-based BitTorrent client (development version)
Found 2 ports.
[21:05]vhristev@g1r5:~$sudo port install rtorrent
--->  Computing dependencies for rtorrent
--->  Cleaning rtorrent

How to start downloading torrent file.

My first advice is USE “screen” like me .I am in the office and want to start downloading something.
1.I run screen then i run my rtorrent and voala perfect console torrent client and i don’t have to worry about my connection between office and home (:
2. rtorrent TORRENT_FILE


Im lazy and download this pictures from internet (:


Basic keyboard shortcuts:

    ^q — closes rTorrent, done twice makes the program shutdown.
    Up, down arrows — highlight the downloads.
    Left arrow — returns to the previous screen.
    Right arrow — goes to the next screen.
    a|s|d — increase global upload speed about 1|5|50 KB/s
    A|S|D — increase global download speed about 1|5|50 KB/s
    z|x|c — decrease global upload speed about 1|5|50 KB/s
    Z|X|C — decrease global download speed about 1|5|50 KB/s
    ^S — starts download
    ^D — pauses and resumes the active download
    +|- — changes the download priority of selected torrent.
    Backspace — adds the specified .torrent. After pressing this button write full path or URL of .torrent file. You can use Tab and other tricks from bash.